Announcement: Wabash scarves

john lofgren made in japan scarf the rite stuff wabash

It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce a problem with the wabash selvedge scarves: namely, they lost their selvedges. Because of a miscommunication with the factory, they accidentally cut off the selvedge edges of the wabash fabric and sewed them over. 


The finished wabash scarf.

We communicated this to the factory and asked if they can remake them, but the fabric is now sold out, so the mill would have to make more. As a result, the re-made scarves wouldn't be ready until the end of January. What's more, the non-selvedge version would still be finished and ready to ship, but with nowhere to go. Instead of being wasteful, I've decided to offer this version and hold off on the selvedge version until a future date. 

As a result, I have lowered the price of the wabash scarf from $85 down to $65. And, because it's only fair, I've done the same for the hickory stripe scarf as well

When life gives you lemons, after all. The good news is, it's still the same wonderful fabric, made to look better with age, and now it's yours for an even better price, just in time for the Christmas season. If you were wondering what to get for a stocking stuffer, look no further!

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