Shipping to the UK is temporarily suspended because of local regulations
Shipping to the UK is temporarily suspended because of local regulations
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Who We Are

The Rite Stuff makes pre-WWII style clothing and accessories ethically in Japan and occasionally USA. 

We source the best fabrics and materials we can find for our garments, fabrics that are generally reproductions of ones produced in America during the first half of the 20th century. These are niche fabrics, and that means sometimes they're not even available, but that's OK with us because we won't settle for less.

Research matters too, into how and why these clothes were made the way they were. That means collecting vintage, looking into catalogs, old photographs, and reading accounts into the lives of people who wore this style of clothes. Their toil, trials, and tribulations matter too. 

Using traditional techniques, craftsmen and women make our classic workwear garments in only the best conditions that we can find. 

Working with John Lofgren & Co., all workers in the process are treated and paid well. From fabric to buttons, tags and more, each item in the supply chain is made this way. If we find that something isn't being made up to our standards, we look elsewhere.

I believe that workers should be treated fairly, and be able to support themselves and their families in a world where many now cannot. It’s my hope that every brand can one day be this way.




These are more than just terms for me. They are building blocks of goodness, and goodness improves the soul, the most valuable thing a human being has.


-Bryan Shettig

Owner, The Rite Stuff