About Us

"The guitar is like a tiny orchestra, the sound of which comes to us as if from some distant planet, smaller and more delicate than ours." -Andres Segovia, renowned classical guitarist.

Although he was speaking about the guitar, I feel the same way about vintage clothing, that it seems to come from a smaller, more delicate world than our own, and that’s what I hope my reproductions can feel like. 

To that end, I started The Rite Stuff to make pre-WWII style clothing and accessories in Japan and occasionally USA, with a focus on trying to capture some essence of a bygone age.

In order to accomplish that I source the best fabrics and materials I can find, fabrics and hardware that are generally reproductions of ones produced in America during the first half of the 20th century. These are niche fabrics, and that means sometimes they're not even available, but that's OK because I won't settle for less.

Research matters too, into how and why these clothes were made the way they were. That means collecting vintage, studying catalogs and old photographs, and reading accounts into the lives of people who wore this style of clothes. Their toil, trials, and tribulations matter too. 

Using traditional techniques, craftsmen and craftswomen make our classic workwear garments in only the best conditions that I can find. 

I hope that these items can transport you to another time and place when you hold them in your hands and look at them up close. Then I will have begun to accomplish my goal of recreating that delicate world.

-Bryan Shettig

Owner, The Rite Stuff