The Pocket T-shirt: Update!

Styling of The Rite Stuff Pocket T-shirt and Heracles shirt courtesy of myself. (Guest starring: John Lofgren Champion sneakers, the best!)

Long time no see, boys and girls! I've been busy with work stuff and waiting; currently, I'm waiting for the second sample of the pocket T-shirt. The first one was very nice, but the collar was looser than I would like. The second sample will have a tighter collar and then it's production time!

Right now the plan is to offer the T-shirt in off-white and navy blue (not indigo). This means there will be about 50 white tees and 50 navy tees in total (teetotal?), spread out over 5 sizes each (S-XL, sorry, we can't make round body shirts in XXL). I'm terrible at math, but that means there will be roughly 10 of each size in each color for everyone in the whole world! Don't expect these to last long. After all, I'm using mid-to-heavy loopwheel, round body construction and a unique pocket design that I've never seen anywhere else.

No ecru this time, by the way; the mill I'm going with only offers bright white, off-white, navy, black, and heather grey. Next time I can try a different mill, or perhaps do indigo only, depending on demand and the slings and arrows of fortune.

I'm also planning to start an ongoing series soon, "Anatomy of Workwear" in which I'll thoroughly describe all the different features of workwear clothing and why they exist. I got the idea for this earlier in the day while having a conversation with a friend about the Heracles. I told him that for the next release, I'll bring back the chin strap, but told him the term "chin strap" is a misnomer:

This is a chin strap.

I told him what most people call a "chin strap" used to be known as a "storm collar" or "tab collar". He asked if it was used to keep out the elements and I said yes, along with dust, dirt, coal, hay, etc. He told me that perhaps it would be a good idea to write a series explaining details such as tab collars, double yokes, triple stitching, ventilation holes and more to give people deeper insight into why workwear is designed and made the way it is. And so I shall, at least up to the limits of my knowledge!

In other other news, I'm thinking to do an indigo hand-dyed bandana, perhaps made in the USA in a very small run (less than 50 total). Keep your eyes peeled for that!

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