Pockets and things: A T-shirt This Way Comes

john lofgren loopwheel made in japan pocket tee t-shirt the rite stuff tube knit

It's been a while since I've posted it seems, so hello there again! If you follow my Instagram you might have noticed me post some photos of a new rumbling in the land of The Rite Stuff: that's right, a pocket tee!

The first sample of The Rite Stuff pocket T-shirt.

I had originally planned to go into production with a pocket T-shirt as soon as possible back in August, but the timing wouldn't have worked out. That is, they would have been ready around December, much too early to sell, unless one lives Down Under (How 'bout a little shirty, Bruce?). As such I decided to just do the sample for now. I sent off my original sample and asked for a similar fit and fabric, got back a tube knit, loopwheel fabric to inspect and gave the OK.

Well, it took about 3 months for the sample to be made as the T-shirt makers were quite busy. The result is a pocket T-shirt that came back and is very close to what I wanted. The only thing I want to change from the first sample is to make the neck tighter. I know opinions vary about neck openings on T-shirts, but I've always preferred a fairly tight neck. After all, it will stretch a bit with time (yes, even the vaunted Flat Head THC stretches a bit) so it's better off starting a bit too small than too big. Some like it loose, like in the photos of T-shirts worn by the US military during WWII, but I've personally never been a fan of that fit. Doubtless nobody wants to see my huge trapezius muscles, but a big neck opening on T-shirts has never been my thing. 

The pocket flap is something new to me, though. As mentioned on the blog before, it's influenced by the pocket shapes of the Black Beauty shirts made by Reliance Mfg. Co of Chicago during the 1920s. This, however, has a flap, which will help to keep anything you put in there drier, and more discreet. 

Loopwheel fabric

The fabric is medium-to-heavy in weight; not super heavy, but not light either. I also made sure it wasn't rough or scratchy in any way, or too thin and transparent, a common problem with lighter T-shirts (especially for those Sean Connery/Austin Powers lookalikes with chest hair). The loopwheel construction ensures it will last, and only feel better with wear and washing.

Look Ma, no side seams!

As for the color, the original idea was to do ecru, but I do like how classic it looks in white. Perhaps I can do more than one color? It's something I'll look into. Indigo might be fun too, if everyone's not indigoed out, that is. Let's see what the future holds.

As 2017 draws to a close, I'd also like to take this time to thank all of you who have helped make The Rite Stuff possible, from John Lofgren and his staff, to the shops who have taken a chance on a new brand, all those who gave me invaluable advice, anyone whose given me a shoutout, but most importantly, the fans. Without you this would still be just an idle daydream, so thank you for your support, suggestions, and words of encouragement. 

OK, no crying! If I don't post again here soon have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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