{Vintage} - Vintage Cairo Snake Charmer Postcard (1910s)
{Vintage} - Vintage Cairo Snake Charmer Postcard (1910s)
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{Vintage} - Vintage Cairo Snake Charmer Postcard (1910s)

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Egyptomania had gripped the West starting in the 1910s and into the 1920s with the German expedition that discovered the temples of Khafre's Pyramid at Giza in 1909-1910. The following decade saw the clearing of the Sphinx, and the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Enchanted by the oriental mysteries of the ancient Egyptians, travelers flocked to Egypt in droves, and sent back postcards like this one. This card dates to the 1910s and was likely sent in a set as it contains a story of a snake charmer on a boat, likely on the River Nile, and is unsigned.

The postcard is in excellent condition and will ship in protective cardboard. 


Size Chart (in cm.)

Shoulders Pit-to-Pit Waist Sleeve Length
Small 40 96 96 60.5 67
Medium 41.5 99 99 61.5 69
Large 43 102 102 62.5 71
XL 44.5 105 105 63.6 73
XXL 46 108 108 64.5 75