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"What the heck did I just read?"

Occasionally, in the sea of choices that the Internet provides these days, we get a little lost or don't feel sure where to turn next. Maybe you're burned out on amekaji but you don't feel like going 1890s hobo miner chic. Or you're tired of a certain look filling up your Instagram's Explore function and want to see what else people are into.

People sometimes ask what other blogs I'm following, so I've decided to include links here to some of my favorite blogs in this denim/heritage world:


Indigo ShrimpMike over at Indigo Shrimp is a great guy who knows his stuff, especially when it comes to leathers and footwear. He gives lots of very in-depth reviews and catches every last detail.

Riveted: Vintage, vintage, vintage! All things from the Golden Age of Americana here, from clothing to ephemera and everything in between. If you're like me, prepare to lose your life going back through the pages here.

Rivet-Head: Matt Strickland at Rivet Head has a deep love for vintage workwear and classic Americana; he's also great at digging up old photos. He even has his own leatherworks brand, Warpath Leather Goods.

Almost Vintage Style: Jake at Almost Vintage Style is relatively new to the game but he's jumped in headfirst, especially in the world of high-end boots, from John Lofgren to Brass. He's also very honest and speaks his mind about big picture issues in this world, which is refreshing. Agree or disagree, sometimes it's good to step back and take stock of the scene in general or how to dress, not just individual items.

Union-Made: Tragically, this blog is no longer active, but it's still up and it's a treasure trove of vintage photos, booklets, advertisements, letterheads, and more. Anyone into late 1800s - 1930s ephemera has likely landed here.

Mushroom Vintage: Want to buy some really, really nice vintage stuff? Get on over to Mushroom then.

Ametora Dispatches: OK, technically this isn't a blog, but it's pretty close: author W. David Marx, of Ametora fame, has a monthly newsletter with continuing chapters to the book as well as links to goings-on in the clothing world.

Letterheady: If you're like me and you like old fonts and letterheads, then you need to check this blog out. Yes, some of it is too contemporary (from the '60s and on) but there are many examples hiding in there from the '30s and older.


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